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Best Web Links To UK & Other Government Websites

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UK  Main Government Site


 The UK open government web site this  offering access to almost every department of the UK government, the new site also covers other aspects of the central and regional governmental departments.


This sites gives you access to the many US federal department & information web sites  that the US government have available for public access.
THE WHITEHOUSE USA A good takes you straight to the Whitehouse and lets you know what is happening.
UNITED NATIONS This home site of the UN deals with Human Rights, International Law etc.


An extremely good Government site easy to navigate and search a very handy site for visitors or immigrants wanting to work or live in Canada
CHINA ECONOMICS A good site for Chinese economical statistics
NETHERLANDS GOVERNMENT This Site does not currently have an English version
Political Resources On The Net A site that takes you to Governments around the world
Who is Who in Governments Find out who is who in governments around the world a document from the CIA listing World leaders and there cabinet members
CIA World Fact Book Tells the fact on ever country in the world




10 Downing Street (UK) Driving Standards Agency (UK)
Benefits Agency (UK) Department of Trade & Industry (UK)
Central Computer & Telecommunications (UK) Office of Fair trading  (UK)
Central Office of Information (UK) Government Office South east (UK)
Companies House (UK) HM Customs & Excise (UK)
Consumer Gateway UK Idea Online (UK)
Department for Culture Media & Sport (UK) The Met Office (UK)
Department for International Development (UK) Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries & Food (UK)
  Ofsted  (UK)
UK Passport Agency


Other Government Related Web Sites (UK)


The Arts Council of England
British Waterways The Post Office
European Commission The Stationery Office
Maritime & Coastguard Agency UK Parliament
The Royal Mail Valuation Tribunals


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