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Then Take the Fast Track

with a highly experienced driving instructor


Call Alex Durrant

Driving Standard Approved Driving Instructor


Driving Force School of Motoring


Telephone (Kings Lynn) 01553 766683

or Mobile 0793-926-7143

web address www.drivingforce-som.co.uk


Alex Durrant of the Driving Force School of Motoring

offers extremely competitive rates - a door to door service - high pass rate - Full one hour lessons

Dual Controlled Air conditioned Car

along with a friendly and patient driving instructor



Learning to drive in this modern age  requires the expert guidance of a qualified driving instructor

With the two part driving test you need guidance to get you through your theory test

You need first class instruction in how to read the road ahead in your practical driving test

Instruction on how to deal with hazardous road conditions

Driving a motor car has moved on in the last decade, roads are now busier and traffic conditions more hazardous

And to-day you need expert tuition of a qualified driving instructor to succeed


Most qualified drivers can remember when they drove a car by themselves for the first time after passing their test

This the point that most drivers will start to gain confidence but at the same time have a twinge of nerves

this is when a little bit of reassurance from a approved driving instructor  can come in


Alex Durrant of the Driving Force School of Motoring offers advanced tuition after you have passed your test

Driving on the open road is completely different to driving around the town, on the open road you are driving much faster

that means things happen faster, you will taught to read the road well ahead, take corners properly, follow vehicles at a safe distance

experience night driving - deal with overtaking on the open road

plus much more that you do not experience whilst driving with L plates



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