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Cemetery Drive - Gayton Road - Kings Lynn - Norfolk


Telephone 01553 774585


To Hire this Hall Telephone Booking Officer 01553 765967

Monday to Friday Evenings between 6pm &  9pm


Kings Lynn fuction venu Gaywood Community Centre

The Main Hall at Gaywood Community Centre Kings Lynn

Awaiting New Photograph


Gaywood Community Centre is the largest hall available in Kings Lynn

with a capacity of 300 

set in pleasant park land just off the Gayton Road with ample parking facility


For Weddings - Birthdays & Anniversaries Gaywood Community Centre offers the ideal location with one of the best stocked licensed bars to be found for miles operated by 

The Crossways Inn - Kings Lynn 


Gaywood Community Centre Kings Lynn Function Venu

The bar in the main hall awaiting new photograph


Gaywood has a Main Hall with its separate kitchen facility

has  a superb wooden floor dancing area and stage for live music or disco


Gaywood also has a smaller hall which is this is often let with

 the main hall if catering for a large buffet or changing rooms are required


You get a great deal when you hire Gaywood Community Centre for you function

A fully stocked licensed bar is available at a small additional charge

Otherwise you will find that Gaywood Community Centre  charges you 

a flat hire fee without charging lots of extras like so many do

 and you will not be limited to finishing your function by 11.30 pm like so many,

or having to vacate the hall by midnight


Gaywood Community Centre has an entertainments license

so it is not just restricted to private parties if you want to hold a dance, have a fund raiser, hold a concert you can.



Monday to Friday Evenings between 6pm & 9pm


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Q. How soon do I need to book?

A. The sooner the better some people book a year in advance to ensure the hall is available.


Q. I want a bar at my function do I have to apply for this?

A. No when you book you will be sent a booking form for the hall along with a pre laid out letter for the bar,  you should fill  both in and return immediately to us. We pass this on to the  bar operator who will be responsible for providing the bar.

It should be noted that the bar is provided by the community centre who are responsible for supply and consumption of  alcoholic beverage on the premises, we therefore request that alcoholic beverage is not bought onto the premises by you or your guests, if the bar or officers of  Gaywood Community Centre feel excessive amounts of alcohol are bought onto the premises then your deposit may be retained by the Community Centre.


Q. Can I provide my own bar.

A. No as under the new  law the Gaywood Community Centre is the holder of the premises licence and as such has a premises supervisor that is responsible for the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverage on the premises and therefore have to accept the responsibility to ensure the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverage is controlled by them on the premises. (in certain circumstances it may not be feasible for the Community Centre to provide a bar and the committee and offices may wave this rule but express permission must be obtained from them)


Q. Do we have to pay extra time for the caterers and bar to set up or dismantled?

A. No the period of hire that you request includes time for these things, a normal hire period  say for wedding reception  would be from midday to midnight this would reflect in our hiring fee.


Q. Do I have to set out the hall and store away after the function?

A. No our caretaker will normally contact you to find out how you want him to set out the hall after the function finishes he will normally put the tables and chairs away.


Q. Do I have to clean the hall up after the function ?

A. Yes within reason we like you to keep the place clean and the caretakers do appreciate when organisers help, but after the function the bar staff normally helps to clear away the glasses and empties.  The caretaker normally cleans the hall ready for the next function.


Q. Do I have to pay the full hire charges when I book?

A. No you will be asked to pay a  refundable deposit when you book and the hire charges before the function takes place. Your deposit will be returned if no  damage or excessive cleaning is required


Q. I want to do my own catering, can I ?

A. Yes there is a small kitchen in the community centre that you can use, we do not lay stipulation as to who caters or who you must use. 


Q. Is there any stipulations as to the entertainment I lay on ?

A. No  but there is a limit to the loudness of the music played, this is controlled by a sound inhibitor with the main hall. Also you may not have an act the infringes the public decency laws.


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