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There are of course many questions that every new guest and their family like to know, in this section we will try to answer most of them but should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our head of home Mrs. Vicky Hurlock telephone Kings Lynn (+44)  01553  777994.



Guests may bring with them, anything they like, however it is important to make sure everything is clearly marked with their name on it.


Laundry is done in our own laundry on a daily basis so it is unnecessary to bring a large amount of clothes with them. Guests are welcome to bring any small items of furniture, paintings, pictures, ornaments etc., anything to help them settle in and  feel at home, which they may wish to arrange in their own room, however guests cannot bring their pet to stay with them, but they are welcome to visit with relatives.


Guests should also bring in any aids, like walking sticks, wheelchairs etc.,  they should also ensure if they wear glasses, hearing aids etc., these should be marked with their name.


Keeping lots of money in a guests possession is unnecessary. Any monies can be held on their behalf and recorded accordingly. A personal account can be kept in the office and topped up as and when necessary. This would enable them to pay, for example hairdressing, or buy from the home shop selling such items as sweets, tissues, toiletries etc., without the need for them to carry money about their person.


If a guest brings jewellery and any other valuable items in with them,  they should ensure it is registered with their personal possessions. Items such as these can be held in the homes safe or they may keep them in a locking top draw of their bedside cabinet.


It is essential that guests  bring in with them, any medication that they normally take, in its original containers, which show strength, amount and frequency to be taken.



A. Visitors may come at any time of the day, but it is request they try and avoid meal times, unless they have made prior arrangements. This  is between 1pm and  2pm and between 6pm and 7pm.  However if visitors wish to come and help their relatives with their meal they are most welcome.


Coffee and tea are available to visitors at no charge, Visitors are free to wander around or find a quiet spot when visiting a guest, however only relatives are allowed to visit the residents private accommodation.




A Kings Lynn GP will be allocated for guest when the guests present doctor is unable to look after them because they have moved out of the doctors area.

A doctor will visit the home on request.

In emergencies and out of hours the home contacts Lynndoc who then contacts the GP on call for the area.

A Registered General Nurse is on duty 24 hours for nursing clients

The Head of Home and or her Deputy is on call 24 hours

Each guest has a Key Worker named member of staff who is their to help in all maters however trivial it may seem.



The care staff are there to help our guests with their basic needs, like washing and dressing in the mornings and undressing at night.

Help is available at all time by using the call bells which are available in all areas

Laundry is done daily  (There is no charge for the laundry service, as it is included within the homes fees )

Any cloth repairs (mending ) needed, can be given to the members of staff who will arrange to have the work done on their behalf.



Guests on admission will be visited by one of the homes cooks,  who will chat through with the guest their likes and dislikes, if there is a need for a special diet, a Dietician from the local hospital will be called in to get things right.

For Breakfast the guest may choose what they like to eat.

For Lunch there is a set menu with a choice from two meats plus a vegetarian option. if the cooks are aware that the guest does not like the meal on the menu, they will cook something else for them. 

The evening meal consist of a light meal from a variety of choices,  which are made available.

Biscuits are served with all drinks.

Guests may invite friends and family with adequate notice to dine with them, a small charge will be made.



The lounges have television in them but guests may bring a television in for use in their room.



Can be ordered on the guest behalf and delivered daily the guest is responsible for payment of newspapers ordered by them, but we can pay for these and bill the guest on a monthly invoice.



The local minister visits one Wednesday each month to conduct communion:



Delivered Monday to Saturday and handed over each morning.



A pay phone is available in the front hall to make and receive call.

A guest may have a telephone connected in their room for which the guest will be responsible for the charges to BT.



Appointments can be made for a hairdresser to visit the home. ( The guest may pay for this service or it can be added to their account )



The homes private Chiropodist visits every six weeks. There is a small charge for this service.



Easy activities such as arts and crafts, basket weaving etc., takes place on Mondays & Thursdays of each week.

Brainwave which includes memory games, crosswords etc., take place on a Tuesday morning.



Music/Sing along.

Church Services once a month at the home.

Arranged Outings.



07.00am Day Staff arrive residents start to alight

08.00am Breakfast served until 0930

10.30am Morning Tea or Coffee

12.15pm Lunch

02.30pm Afternoon Tea

05.00pm Evening Tea

10.45pm Night Staff report on duty

11.15pm Bedtime drinks & Snacks


Tea, Coffee & Biscuits are available by request at all times



The management and staff of Hallmark Healthcare are committed to making their residents stay at Goodwins Hall in Kings Lynn a happy one, in a home from home environment, with a pledge to meet the every day needs of the residential guests. We are committed to offering sensitive and conscientious care from a well trained and competent staff, who will provide quality care and respect for privacy.


Goodwins Hall issues a Welcome booklet to all guests,  relatives, etc., when it is arranged that a guest is to be admitted. This booklet clearly outlines the policies, procedures, services, complaints procedure and residents rights etc., some extracts  have been included within these web pages .


For more information or to make arrangements to view contact: 

Kings Lynn PE30 Goodwins Hall Nursing Homes

Goodwins Hall, Goodwins Road, Kings Lynn PE30 5PD, Norfolk, UK  

Tel: (+44) 01553 777994


Owners and Operators: Hallmark Health Care

Head of Home: Mrs. Vickie Hurlock


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