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Greene King Real ale at The London Porterhouse -  London Road - Kings Lynn


The London Porterhouse in Kings Lynn has become renown throughout East Anglia for its fine quality Greene King real ale that is still served direct from the cask behind the bar


I a recent refit much care was taken not to lose the quality of the real ales direct from the cask, in fact quality has now improved and is often described as being the perfect pint


This has been achieved by placing cooling saddles over the barrels and by insulating the bottom of the still keeping the real ales at the perfect temperature and in perfect condition making the London Porterhouse heaven  for the connoisseurs of real ales


greene king logo London Porterhouse Kings Lynn


Greene King Abbot Ale is a strong rich and robust ale, with a complex blend of flavour and aroma.

It is enormously complex on the palate, rich in malt and ripe fruit with a superb hop balance, followed by an intense bitter sweet finish.

These dark and delicious flavours develop as a result of an unusually long fermentation process that lasts a full seven days

Greene King claim this ale is blessed by the Sabbath.


greene king logo London Porterhouse Kings Lynn


Greene King IPA is celebrated as one of the country's favourite cask ales and is characterized by its clean fresh hoppy taste and distinctive tawny colour with a clean bitter finish



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