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Best.UK.Net limited is a Internet marketing company about to launch local Internet guides and directories for major cities and towns in the UK based on the content of our trial site www.pe30.com  providing local information to local users and visitors to Kings Lynn, PE30,


Best.UK.Net Limited have spent over three years researching what both the end user and provider is looking for on the Internet, www.pe30.com  is the result of that research, the information provided on a local basis is from local sauces so unlike many other directories it is more complete and reasonable accurate.


We offer local business and services the opportunity to advertise and have internal web sites that reach their local customers plus we are able to offer low cost voice and data telecommunication solutions  through our communications division Best Telecom Limited www.best-telecom.net .


Our approach from the outside has been to bear the end user in mind, to provide a easy to navigate, fast to down load guide/directory on a local, national & international basis ensuring it is user friendly.


To deliver the best information to the end user  without having to search through countless search engine results that bear no relevance to what the end user is searching for.


To include the fullest information possible on a local, national, international basis our sites not only include local information such as where to find a plumber that will change a tap washer to what is on in the local pubs and clubs, but also top hyperlinks that will get you to the information you require like Ticketmaster in the best travel links site where you can buy tickets on line for concerts, West End Shows, or buy a ticket for your favourite  rugby or football club. 


Our aim is to eventually  offer the end user a complete comprehensive local guide & directory for each town, area & cities throughout the world making it a one stop site.


Our guides / directories & information are aimed at not only the local population in a town such as Kings Lynn but to people on the move and visitors to an area, with information that is easy to locate and only relevant to that area, whilst offering national/international guides at the same time. Best.UK.Net Limited hopes to help reduce  the need for search engines, because once connected to the site the end user will  be able to extract the information they want easily without needing to search elsewhere.


We at Best.UK.Net realise that the majority of internet users are not " Experts" but average people who do not want difficult sites to navigate and use, all they want is to obtain the information they want in a easy and fast manner.


Geolocal Marketing in the US predict that by 2006 the majority of advertising revenues from small to medium business amounting to a predicted $47 billion will be spent on local information portals such as our Kings Lynn site PE30.com. Sharon Stone head of Geolocal points out that the Internet needs to be local to provide local services and that localised web sites are now attracting the majority of visitors in the US, Best UK Net Ltd have based its site mainly on providing the type of local information that the Internet user is looking for


Our communications division Best Telecom Limited has recently partnered with worldwide major carriers of voice and data communications to deliver intelligent communication products such as "Personal Assistant"  an advanced answering service that will track you down, offer to take voice mail if you do not wish to or are unable to take the call 24/7. Offer 24/7 Toll Free Internet connection from 12.99 per month. International Calling Cards, Low cost international call from a mobile to destinations like Australia and the US without changing your provider, by simply using your free local minutes. To find out more about our communication packages visit www.best-telecom.net 


Visit our other web sites www.high-street-online.net   www.best-telecom.net  www.best-telecom.biz 




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Best UK Net Limited registered in England No 4028940

Best UK Net are consistently updating and modifying pe30.com