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Tuesday Market Place Kings Lynn PE30 The Tuesday Market Place in Kings Lynn act as a car park except for Tuesdays and Fridays when the market place is filled with stalls selling everything from fresh fish, meat and vegetables to clothes and hardware items. The Tuesday Market place also used to be used for executions in medieval times those accused of witch craft was burnt at the stake here.


Kings Lynn PE30 A small ferry operates every 20 minutes throughout the day crossing the Great Ouse river from Kings Lynn to the village of West Lynn and back. Conveniently situated at the bottom of Ferry Lane, just off Kings Street is The Ouse Sailing Club so many of the passengers can have a quick pint before braving the crossing



Kings Lynn PE30 In Medieval days the river used to run parallel to Kings Street in Kings Lynn, over a period of time land was reclaimed and the river was pushed to its present course, Kings Street shown here contains  much varied architectural styles dating back to the medieval periods but mainly Georgian & Victorian buildings survive today. Visitors should take a cup of coffee in the old under crofts under the Arts Centre which is Kings Lynn's second Guildhall to appreciate how many of Kings Lynn's features have survived the test of time.


Kings Lynn PE30 Hidden away through arches and behind closed gates are many Mews type buildings, between Kings Street and the River front likewise Queens Street which joins Kings Street with the Saturday Market Place has also small courtyards and streets joining or backing onto the Boal Quay. The majority of this area was reclaimed land dating back to when Kings Lynn was a major port for the German Hansatic League. Many still have the undercrofts running underneath the properties where the merchants used to store their incoming goods that had been traded for salt. Clifton Tower is nestled back in such an area between Boal Quay and Queen Street where the Merchants could go to the top of the tower to check for vessels  returning home.




Kings Lynn PE30 Pilot Street in Kings Lynn still houses some of the finest period buildings in Kings Lynn Found behind St Nicholas Chapel one could almost forget that we are in the 21st century, Often overlooked on the tourist trail, Pilot Street is a must for those who appreciate properties that have been preserved and blended within today's environment.



Kings Lynn PE30

Saint Nicholas Chapel in Kings Lynn is situated off the Tuesday Market place, St Nicholas is not only a place of worship but it also hosts musical concerts throughout the year particularly in the last two weeks of July when many concerts are arranged for the Kings Lynn Festival which takes place at that time.


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