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Town Centre Circuit Pub


Kings Lynn pe30Circuit pub depicts a pub that people of all ages male and female move around to mainly at week ends before going onto a night club.

Kings Lynn has a number of town centre circuit pubs mainly situated around the Tuesday Market place, High Street or Norfolk Street. 


Town Community Pubs


Kings Lynn pe30 Town Community pubs depict a pub either in the town centre or on the fringe of the town centre that are mainly traditional pubs that benefit both from local customers and a passing trade, some are also classed as fringe circuit pubs as people use them on their way into town.




Kings Lynn pe30 Local's is an old expression usually meaning the local pub at the end of the street. The type of pub not unlike the Rovers Return in Coronation Street, or the Queen Vic in east enders, its the type of pup your likely to walk into and find a group playing dominoes or cards.


Destination Pubs


Kings Lynn Destination pubs depicts pubs normally on the outskirts of towns that offer special facilities like carvery, restaurants & children's area etc that people travel to or use on special occasions for example wedding anniversaries, or annual firms dinners etc.


Wine Bars


Wine Bars are normally a cross between a relaxed drinking atmosphere and a Restaurant.

Listing of Public Houses

Kings Lynn pe30 A complete listing of all the public houses and bars in the area listed within the guide. 





Explanation of terms used in the Best pub guide:

Pub: A public House licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.

Free house : A public house that is not tied to a brewery and is free to sell their own choice of beers wines & spirits

Tenanted House : A public house that is owned by the brewery and rented from them by the operator, tenanted houses are normally dictated to by the brewery as to what beers wines & spirits they must sell.

Managed House : A public house that belongs to an operator but the licensee is a manager working for the operator.

CAMRA : Campaign for real ale a watchdog body of normal everyday drinkers of real ale, that rates public houses, hotel & club bars on the quality of the real ale that they sell

Cask Marque : A body backed by the brewers of real ale that establishes the quality, clarity, taste & temperature of the real ale that is served in public houses. The Cask Marque award is considered to be the highest accolade for good beer keeping possible.

Bar Snacks: from filled rolls to basket type meals.

Food Available: Plated meals available either to be eaten in the bar or in a dinning area.

Sunday Lunch:  Traditional Sunday roast lunch consisting of roast meat, vegetables & Yorkshire puddings.

Pub Sports: Normally Darts, Dominoes and/or Cribbage

SKY TV: The public house shows live sporting events normally football on either a big projected screen or on a Television in the bar.

Real Ale: Ale that is left to condition in the cask and served from the cask without the aid of pressured gas.

Nitro Keg (Smooth beers or lager): a beer or lager that is served with the aid of co2 & Nitrogen mix through a pump that has a creamer plate installed.

Keg Beers or Lagers : Served through a pump from a gas pressured keg.

Designer Label: Bottled beers, lager or mixed drinks such as fruit juices pre mixed with spirits or cider.


Licensing Laws Simply Explained:

Measures: all beer wines and spirits are sold in laid down measures, Beer is normally sold in pints or half pints, spirits are sold in measures of 25ml or 35ml ( a double spirit is 50ml or 70ml)  whilst wines are sold by the glass either pre measured or in a lined glass starting from 125ml.

Licensing Hours: The hours that a public house is permitted to open for the sale of intoxicating liquors, under the new laws times now vary from public house to public house, but it is normally from 11am to Midnight Sundays to Thursdays and 11am to 1am Fridays and Saturdays. 

Children Certificate: A public House that children under the age of 16 are allowed to be in a permitted area during opening hours accompanied by an adult.

Minimum Drinking age in the UK: 18 years old or over

Minimum Age for being in a public House: 16 years old other unless they accompanied by an adult. Children are not permitted to sit at the bar in any licensed establishment. Children over 16 are permitted to consume a glass of wine or a drink of beer or cider with a proper plated meal providing it is purchased by accompanying adult.


West Norfolk Licensing Authority is:-

The Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk

Licensing Team

Environmental Health Department

Kings Court

Chapel Street

Kings Lynn PE30 1EX


Tel 01553 616200

Direct Line 01553 616600


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